Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve...

I am so sorry for my blogging absence over the last few days.
Life has been crazy busy over the last few weeks
And have gotten really lazy with my posts.

For New Years Eve I will be spending it with friends.
We are having a Carnival themed party with lots of fun events,
Including a water balloon/Jelly fight, kissing booth, games and yummy food!

I promise to take lots of photos and share them with you!
It is going to be awesome! Kat has done a amazing job with the preparations!

What are you doing for New Years Eve??

Monday, December 26, 2011

Life Is Short...

Don't worry,
Be Happy!
We only get one chance at this life!
Make the most of it!

I love Guy Sebastian's new song!
Love the lyrics!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a amazing Christmas.
I hope that you are all surrounded by the people that you love,
Enjoy the company of friends and family.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year for so many reasons,
A few of them being...
  • Spending time with family and friends: I love just being able to relax and have long conversations. I enjoy playing games and having lots of fun.
  • Yummy food and drink: Oh the food, so yummy and so much of it. Some of my all time favourites are fresh cherries and raspberries, apple cider, cherry cream, candy canes, waffles with fresh berry sauce and so much more.
  • Giving: waiting friends and family unwrap the presents that I have taken the time to make or purchase for them. I try to give presents that I think that they will actually use and enjoy. I love watching the look on their faces, the look of excitement.

My one thing about Christmas that I have really come to appreciate this year is reflecting on the main reason of Christmas. This year I have focused more on the spirit of Christ, and also the importance of service. 
I hope you enjoy this little video, it kinda sums up what I mean about service.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Thank you for all the support and sweet comments you have given me over the past year.
Hope each and every one of you are enjoying their Christmas.
Have a safe and merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crafty Christmas...

Today has been a great start to my christmas holidays.
Last night I came out to stay at my parents place as I do every year.
My favourite part about Christmas is having the time off work and being able to spend that time with my family and friends.
This morning I had to put the finishing touches to a couple of Christmas presents.
And thanks to Mum and her craft area and supplies,
It made it possible for me to complete them.

Now I can only show you one of the presents that I finished off,
As that person as already received their present...
I have a love for stamps at the moment, love them to bits!
I have a heap of fun doing these presents,
And I have Pinterest to thank for the inspiration! 

Here is the finished product of one of my presents...
What do you think??

I promise to show you the other present, 
Just as soon as they have unwrapped it!

BTW, I love Google's interactive christmas theme that is up at the moment!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Quarter of a Century Old!

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday.

I am not a big fan of working on my birthday.
But lucky I have pretty awesome work mates that made my day at work a good one.

And that fact that one of them make me a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake,
Made my day amazing!
Kristy did a great job, it was so delicious!
Mouth watering I know!!

While at work I got a pretty surprise visit from Kat and Lisa,
Lisa brought me some gorgeous flowers to make my birthday bright!
After work, I made my way out to my parents place,
Where I spend the evening with friends,
Enjoying a yummy BBQ, warm summers evening, and a relaxing movie.

To finish off the evening, I got home to two surprises.
The first one was a yummy bottle of sparkling apple and card from two amazing people that had been left on my door step.

Then walking into my room I found another surprise...
Kat and Lisa had made my bed into one big present!

Thank you to all my friends and family for making my birthday awesome!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Day....

Well today was my birthday,
And it was awesome!
Loved it!

Will fill you in on all the going on's of my birthday tomorrow I promise!

But in the mean time...
Jump onto google and type in 'Let It Snow'
Let the search results come up and then sit back and watch!
(Thanks Kat for sharing that with me!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 Simple Things...

hi, everyone! i’m lauren 
i am so excited to be guest blogging today and i am going to share with you a list of  10 things that make me happy during the christmas season.   
  1. christmas music. maybe i started listening in october this year.
  2. hot chocolate. ohh i especially love peppermint hot chocolate.
  3. snowflakes.  snowflakes make me smile.
  4. cuddling. getting cozy with friends i haven’t seen in a while under warm blankets is something i’m really looking forward over my break from school.
  5. church. attending church with friends these past couple of weeks has been so fun, relaxing, and i feel very blessed.
  6. my tiny, tiny christmas tree.  now, maybe he’s only 12 inches, but i love coming home to my tree all lit up.
  7. family. while away at school, i miss my family. i’m especially looking forward to spending time with my mom over break.
  8. christmas movies. one of favorite memories i have of watching elf is with my friend, elle.
  9. happy spirits that seem to be prevalent among everyone this time of year.
  10. giving gifts. i’m not sure about you, but i love giving gifts even more than receiving them.

whether you celebrate christmas or not, i wish you a happy happy holiday season!

If you would like to be feature on Girl With Curls??

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It Feels Like Christmas....

One of my favourite christmas movies is
The Muppet's The Christmas Carol.

I love the meaning behind the story.
That christmas is about love, family and giving.

Christmas has become too commercialised.
We need to refocus on what is important.

This one of my favourite song out of the movie.

Monday, December 19, 2011

What would you do...

What do you want to do before you die?

Have you ever taken the time to create a Bucket List??

Well thanks to Pinterest I have started created my own Bucket List!

Here are a few that have made the list so far...

So do you have a Bucket List?

What is one thing that you want to do before you die??

Come join me on Pinterest!
Not apart of Pinterest but want to be, 
Then leave me a comment and I can send you a invite!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

If Only It Was That Easy...

I like this quote.
If only life was that easy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mall Santa Musical

I absolutely love Improv Everywhere.
They do some really fun stuff,
I just wish that I lived in New York so that I could join in on some of the fun things that they do.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Simple Things...

This week I would like you all to meet...

Lauren from Living Loved

10 Things That Makes Lauren Happy!!
  1. Christmas
  2. A good book
  3. Going for drives with my boyfriend
  4. Quality time by myself - just to 'think'
  5. Growing in my faith
  6. My plastic cameras - Holga, Diana F+, Action Sampler and Fisheye!
  7. Developing film that I've forgotten about
  8. My City - Brisbane is so beautiful!
  9. The inspiring women I surround myself with.
  10. Ghost Drops

If you would like the chance to be featured,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


When I was little, 
I was the kid that would try and hunt for the christmas presents,
In our house they were never put out until after we had gone to sleep on Christmas eve,
The next morning while we waited for my parents to wait up,
I would always try and guess what was in the presents.

Still kinda do.
But not as bad.
p.s... I was NEVER this bad.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....

Oh how I love Christmas!
It is my favourite time of the year!

One of my favourite things is putting the Christmas tree up,
With saying that, I am still yet to put one up this year.
Normally I put the tree up on the 1st of December,
But this year I want to wait for my flat mate, and best friend, Lisa to come home from Japan
Bring on Thursday!

So for now,
I get to enjoy the inspirations that i have found on Pinterest!

Come and join me on Pinterest!!

What do you think??

Do you have a favourite or interesting tree to share with me?
Leave me a link!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Place Like Home For The Holidays!

T-Mobile, Oh how I love their flash mobs.
If you have never seen their work,
Then I urge you to go over to YouTube and check them out!

Love this one!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!
And their 100% right...
There is no place like home for the holidays!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Wish...

I am back from my mini holiday!
Hope you all didn't miss me too much,
And that you enjoyed the range of guest bloggers that were featured over the past week and a bit.

If you haven't noticed already,
The theme on my blog for the past 9 days has been Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite time of year,
I love everything about Christmas!
But most of all, my favourite part of Christmas is family.

Every year I have one with that we can all be together,
That we can spend Christmas under the one roof,
That we could have one more Christmas like we did when we were little...

Bright and early on Christmas morning, 
Before the sun came up,
Little kids would stir,
Excitement would fill each of them,
Knowing that Santa had been,
And goodies awaited them.

Each child would jump out of bed,
Grabbing their pillows,
And dragging their quilts behind them.
Making their way out to the lounge room,
Stopping for a moment by the fire place,
Where they found stocking filled to the brim with surprises.

Moving on to the lounge room,
Each one finding a piece of couch to curl up on,
Those awake first got the best spots,
The rest got the floor,
Or if you were the lucky youngest of 6...Me,
Then you automatic got the floor.

Lounge room slowly turning into a one big bedroom,
As we all got comfortable and settled in front of the Christmas tree,
To the right the tv provides entertain through cartoons and music videos,
While on the right, behind the Christmas tree, 
The sun starts to peek over the hills,
Reminding us of a new day, Christmas day.

While the sun rises,
We enjoy each other company,
Eating goodies from our stockings,
And doing the puzzles from the books included.

7am rolls around,
Time for presents,
But mum and dad are still asleep,
So a lucky person gets to go down stair and wake them up...
Each of them, one by one looks towards the youngest,
And off I go...

Couple of moments later the parents join in the fun,
Presents are opened,
Breakfast is eaten,
Games are played.

This is the christmas I love,
Spending time with my brothers and sister,
Enjoying a simple tradition of old,

My Christmas wish is to have one more Christmas like this,
And to enjoy it with my amazing niece and nephews.
I want my Christmas to be fill with fun and laughter
And to be surrounded by family again,
To each christmas like little kids do.

Why do we have to grow up and lose these traditions?
Cause that is what Christmas is about... Family.
I want them back!
I miss my brothers and sisters.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring Bri

Bri from Re-Create

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. I love that it is cold outside so I can curl up inside, I love that we focus on spending time with people, and I love the traditions that have carried on from my childhood.

For as long as I can remember, Christmas tradition was tied to one tasty thing: cookies! My mom, older sister, and I would always make a few hundred cookies, from molasses to sugar and everything in between. After the cookies were cooled, we would begin decorating.

Now, I've always enjoyed those beautifully decorated Christmas cookies… but those were not ours! We had homemade icing and piled it on each cookie, then added as much colored sugar and sprinkles as the icing would hold. By the time we finished our day-long cookie baking project, we had to take a spatula to the table and scrape the thick layer of icing off.

Once the cookies were dried, we would pack boxes and give (most of) them away. I think that is my favorite part of Christmas. It's a time when we can honor the people in our lives. While I enjoyed presents growing up, I had more fun trying to figure out what to get other people. The same is true now, to a greater degree. I would rather give than to receive.

The more I think about it, the less Christmas has to do with me, the more it has to do with other people. This is what the essence of Christmas is all about. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who came and taught us that the first, the greatest commandment, is to "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind," (Matthew 22:37). And the second commandment is to "love your neighbor as your self, (Matthew 23:39).

So, while I love the traditions and the memories, Christmas, to me, is more about honor. Honoring Jesus for what He did for us, and honoring those in our lives. It's not about the presents or the trees or the decorations, it's all about the love.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring Lisa

Lisa Form L!$@ Life

10 Things That Make Me Happy At Christmas Time

1. Spending good quality time with my family
2. Seeing all the beautiful lights...I get mesmerised! 
3. Having a Christmas Tree. I absolutely love taking the time to decorate it each year.
4. Taking the time to stop and think about the Saviours birth and the real reason we have Christmas.
5. Watching my niece get so excited about everything Christmas orientated.
6. Waking up on Christmas morning...there is nothing like it.
7. A nice meal for Christmas lunch that leads into grazing on leftovers later.
8. My parents still giving us stockings with treats even though some of my siblings are married, with kids :D
9. Christmas decorations - wether I'm buying them or making them.
10. The happy atmosphere that just seems to come at this time of year.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring Maz!

Maz From The Maz Blog

Christmas Traditions

In my family we have a tradition that I love, and that is the Christmas Eve celebrations.  My mum is from Estonia and so we follow the European tradition of having the main celebration on Christmas Eve.   We have our big roast dinner with all the favourites, including the pink beetroot and potato salad (also known as 'herring' salad, if mum adds her secret ingredient).  We did something else that was always a boasting point as a child - we opened our presents on Christmas Eve!!  My brother and I would get so eager to open them, that my mum invented a rule that we had to wait until the first star appeared before we could open them.  It was probably a boasting point for mum too that she didn't have to get up super early on Christmas morning ;)  These days the Christmas Eve celebration has become a tradition with our friends and so it is usually quite late by the time that is over and we get to the presents, but no matter how tired anyone is I insist we open them before we go to bed, as per tradition!!

On Christmas Day I go to my Nan's house (on my Dad's side) for Christmas lunch, which always begins with the traditional "prawn cocktail" with my aunt's amazing home made special dressing.  I am a major prawn lover and this is always the highlight of the Christmas lunch for me!  Then we exchange presents with the extended family there.  

I would like to continue the Christmas Eve tradition in my own family one day, though I might compromise just one present opened on Christmas Eve, and the rest on Christmas morning.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring Sara!

Christmas and Tradition

Christmas has accumulated so many traditions by now, drawing on religious ceremonies, regional traditions, and on pagan symbols, not to mention a certain drinks company and their influence on Father Christmas. Yet some of the most important Christmas traditions are the ones that your family do, the ones that make Christmas that little bit more special. Some people have certain foods, others go to a late night mass, some play favourite games, and lots of people go for a wintry walk. The tradition in my family is all about how we decorate and always remind me of how Christmas, while being an increasingly commercialised holiday, is all about being with people you love and making a special day for them. So here's to making your own traditions and a sneak peek into the traditions (all quite untraditional) that matter to me.

Our main tradition is that Christmas is not a time for being tasteful, co-ordinated or restrained.
The first rule is that you cannot try to make the Christmas tree look understated and pretty. Instead, as many lights, tinsel strands, baubles, and Christmas tree chocolates must go on as possible (we have to use an artificial tree to support the weight and provide enough branches; it also survives being climbed by the cat better than real trees). Of course, much effort goes into ensuring no two matching baubles  are next to one and another but who doesn't do that? Our tree may not look classy, yet it is fun, individual and keeps the stress of decorating to a minimum.

We always bring out all those old decorations, you know, the ones you made in primary school and are only admired by your closest relatives. Every year this involves me untangling a box of cotton wool balls on string to hang in the window, even if there is snow outside already. Sure, shop decorations look nicer, but ours remind us of time spent with family and fond memories, which is surely one of the best parts of Christmas.

Using old decorations reminds you of Christmas's past as well as saving on buying new stuff every year. My Mum and I went to the Geffrye Museum in London, where they show rooms throughout the ages and at for December they are done up with period style Christmas decorations, as in the picture below.
Give the Geffrye Museum a quick visit if in London.

It was really interesting to see where some of the traditions began and my Mum got nostalgic looking back on the style of decorations from when she was a child. Funnily enough I also recognised these decorations, as they are the kind my Mum insists on always using for our Christmases, even if they are a bit out of fashion now. We have multicoloured paper chains, Chinese lanterns, foil stars a-plenty, and oddly enough, balloons. I've never met anyone else who puts up balloons for Christmas but its great fun even if everyone who visits thinks you're weird. It's not what it means to others, it's what it means to you.

This year I'm going to be bringing in some holly, fircones and maybe even a touch of ivy to get a very traditional feel to the decorations. I may have to do it all myself if no one else likes the idea. All good traditions get added to and tweaked, with care and a good sense of humour. Another change coming this year is that I am hiding our usual Christmas CD and making a new one of my own; having heard the same songs for several years I think it is time for a breath of fresh air, for everyone's sanity. Our traditions might be slightly unusual but what matters is that they are special traditions that come with a great deal of meaning and not to much effort at a stressful time of the year. And our decorating can be done best after a little mulled wine!

What are your Christmas traditions, the ones that no-one else really understands but mean so much to you? Did you come by them by a funny chance or were they handed down through the family? Anyone else put up balloons?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring Lauren!

I absolutely love this time of year. I mean, who doesn't?? I created a list of ten of my favorite things about Fall and I figured I should do the same for the Christmas season. I may actually have trouble narrowing it down to ten, but I'll do my best!
  1. the music-from the classics ("Chesnuts roasting on an open fire. . .") to the more recent faves ("Last Christmas" by Wham!), Christmas music has always been a favorite of mine. While I do adore Christmas music, I am one of thosepeople that waits until after Thanksgiving to crank it up.
  2. the food-an excuse to pig out almost non-stop for a month? Where do I sign-up?!?
  3. the movies-I can't even list all my favorites, but I'll share a few: Elf, The Santa Clause (all three), Rudolph, etc, etc.
  4. family-this is the only time of the year where we get to see almost all of or spread out family, and for that I am so grateful. I wish we could see them more than we do, but I'll take a visit whenever I can get it!
  5. days off-one of the wonderful perks of being a teacher:-)
  6. Christmas spirit-it is so incredible to see people's hearts pour out love for others. I wish we could see this year around, but this is a good place to start.
  7. celebrations-from Christmas parties to cookie swaps, this seems to be the time of year to get together. I can't wait to fill our calender with get-togethers will all our loved ones.
  8. gift-giving-I love giving gifts and this time of year gives me the perfect excuse to spoil all those that I love!
  9. decorating-this is the one time of year I can go absolutely crazy with colorful, kooky decorations and my beloved can't say anything about it. Gotta love it!
  10. everything peppermint flavored-if there is a flavor that rivals my love of pumpkin, it would have to be peppermint. Peppermint with chocolate to be specific. I'm on the hunt for more recipes, but any are appreciated!
What is your favorite part of the Christmas season??

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring AmberDawn!

AmberDawn here from A Happy Wife with a Happy Life!

Jess had such a sweet idea of sharing her blog for the holidays! And immediately I knew I wanted to share with you what makes me happy during this season... really though, these things always make me happy!
There is SO much to be thankful for! And Christmas is such a wonderful time to praise God for what we have!

My Husband is the greatest man alive! {maybe I'm a little biased, but still, he's pretty darn wonderful!}
At the end of April, we will have the privilege of welcoming a little baby into our family! This brings us both much happiness!!!

All that I need to know about life is wrapped up in these pages! Thankfulness flows from my heart for what God has given me and I will live each and every moment striving to live up to greatness! His wisdom fuels my life.

Letting go of age and all burdens, playing freely, as a child and embracing the little things in life!
This is magic!

True friends bring me some of the greatest joy! The holidays are a perfect time to show your love and appreciation to them. {just don't forget to tell them how much you care on all the other days of the year!}

Lastly, family! I could spend hours with them and never tire of their company! My family has been there by my side through thick and thin and I know that they will be there for whatever else may come with time. We share our joys and our sorrows, and we share a purpose to live and to love out of the abundance that God has supplied.

And "these are a few of my favorite things"... What makes you happy?! Don't forget to be thankful! And most importantly, spread the love!

Thanks for reading a little about what makes me happy!
There are a thousand other things that fill my heart with joy! But for now I will leave you with these!
Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Guest Post... Featuring Ashley!

10 Christmas Things That Make Me Happy

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas. This isn't a surprise (my blog is named You're the Charlie Browniest, after all), but getting to watch this program is one of the highlights of the Season. There's something so heartwarming and uplifting, and you can't help but sing along to the 'ooooo's at the end of the show.

2. Homemade ornaments. My family saves all our school projects, and it's the best trip down memory lane when we're decorating the tree and reminiscing about the popsicle stick reindeer ornament my brother made when he was 6, or the angel cutout ornament I made in kindergarten.

3. Advent Calendars. Growing up, my teachers always had advent calendars; each student was assigned a day, and when it came to that date, you got the chocolate! Now it can be adapted into anything (check Pinterest for some amazing ideas!), but it's the best of the season: anticipation and small gifts or activities counting down to the pinnacle day.

4. Christmas Cards. There's something about receiving a small bit of mail from friends and family, with a cheery message and well wishes for the holidays - it makes you feel so loved.

5. Christmas movies. How could anyone not love a good Christmas movie?!  Elf, Love Actually, The Grinch, This Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, It's A Wonderful Life…all of them create that warm 'n fuzzy feeling that craves curling up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa.

6. Christmas Eve. I argue that it's almost better than Christmas Day (I know, I know: no presents vs. presents, it's a tough argument!) because it's the crescendo to the Holiday season: all the decorations, crowds, work, baking, cooking and stress lead up to the one day where you're filled with anticipation and surrounded by family and friends you love. Christmas Eve embodies the entire Holiday Season into one day.

7. Baking. When I was in college, I was on a college budget; so I bought a ton of ingredients and made every cookie I could find a recipe for: mint chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, pumpkin, nutella, even a few brownies and cupcakes --and I gave plates away to all my friends as their gifts. Since then, I can hardly go a few days during the Holiday season without baking something up; the sweet and sugars are delectable and add an amazing smell to the house.

8. My mom's tree. My house has one main tree and several smaller ones - one of which we've designated as my mom's because it's specially for her M&M collection! She used to get my brother and I the M&M stocking stuffers that come with an ornament as the cover, and she's saved a lot of them over the last 20 years. When we found garland made of M&Ms, we knew it had to come together as a tree. It's quirky and fun and I've never seen anyone else with one. I love it!

9. Windows. Kind of weird, right? Living in the suburbs, you drive past hundreds of houses in a day, and I absolutely love seeing Christmas trees and decorations in front windows. Whether it's glittering trees, shimmering tinsel, blinking lights, sparkling wreaths…it's just gorgeous!

10. *NSYNC's Home For Christmas album. I love any and all Christmas music, but I am one of the millions that adored *NSYNC (I still do.) and their holiday album is close to perfection for me. Nothing makes me happier, more nostalgic, more Holiday-y than hearing the opening notes of that album.

It's near impossible to pick only 10 things about this Season that make me happy (I'm already thinking of things I've omitted!) because Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday - but I hope your season brings as many smiles as these things do to me. Happy Holidays!