Thursday, August 29, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude...

Life is pretty darn awesome when we take the time to stop and really appreciate it.
And that is one thing that I want to do more...
Look around
Take things in
Appreciate the little things in life.

  • Friends... They know how to brighten my day. I have been blessed with amazing friends in my life that put the effort into our friendship just as much as I do, and that I have really come to recognise and appreciate over the past year. I have really learnt who my true friends are and who honestly care for me.
  • My Parents... Over the past 5 year I have become closer to my parents, I have taken the time to get to know them better, to get to know them as people as well as my parents. I have learnt so much from them, from them as people and as a couple. I am so grateful for their support and love. I miss them each day, and hate living for far away from them.
  • Work... I love the company that I work for. I know many people can't say that about their job, but I am so glad that I am someone that can. They are a awesome company to work for, and I am so grateful that I was able to transfer to Brisbane and to be able to stay up here.
  • My Personal Trainer- Beau... Wow, so I met Beau on the 2nd of April this year, we met through a silly mistake of mine, but he has been a amazing blessing on my life in more ways than one. He has not only helped me with my fitness, but has become my friend, has helped me with my injuries, has helped me become a better happier person. Oh there is just so much to say on this topic, but I will leave that for another post.
  • Brisbane... It is a gorgeous state, I love the weather and the atmosphere that is here in Brisbane especially come summer time! Oh how I love this place!
  • Sisters... I am grateful for my sister Jaci and Cass, for the examples that they are to me, for the love that they show me.
  • Nature... Ok this may sound weird but I am grateful for the world we live in. Have you stopped and looked at the amazing things we have on this planet! I mean it's pretty darn awesome!
  • The Gospel... I am so grateful for the church in my life, I am proud to be a Mormon. Love the peace that I brings my life.
That's my list for now, 
Stay tuned for more another day.
But in the mean time...
What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Start Your Day Off On A Positive...

So I'm sure most of you have already seen this video, I have a couple of times, but after a conversation that I had tonight with a friend about positive thinking, I automatically thought of this video.
I mean what better way to start off the day then focusing on the positive things in your life, and turning things into positives, even if they were so crash hot the day before.

I love that this girl is so passionate about it, that she pretty much loves her whole life.
I think this is how we should be with out lives. I think as adults we tend to forget that this is our life and we should learn to be happy with it, change things that we are not happy with but more importantly we need to learn how to fall in love with our lives and ourselves.

What would you say in your morning affirmation?

Negative Turned Into A Positive...

Personality traits...
There are ones we like and ones that dislike.
Different events bring out different parts of my personality, 
I continue to learn more things about myself all the time.

Today I realised that I have a few personal traits that so often than not are a negative, but can be turned into a huge strength, and if I can achieve that then it would help in so many ways.

Those traits come under a few names... 
Head Strong...
Yeah so pretty much I don't like being told what to do in certain circumstances.

For example today, well more so over the past week/two weeks, that side of me has come out so much.
A particular person may even say that it has come out more so in me over the past couple of months.

So any way more so over the past two weeks, it has come out of me more so because I have to change my life around.
I have to find a balance in my life to be able to achieve the goals that I have,
That means sacrificing things that I enjoy, not all together but bits of it to make time for other things.
There are so many things in my life that I have to sort out in my life, my trainer Beau has a bad habit of being able to uncover those things that I have in my life that I need to address and sort out... things that I have been trying to cover up and hide. But more about that another time.

So what are the things that I am struggling with at the moment, how am I trying to balance my life...

Well... basically after this weekend... not starting this week...
Because I'm off to Melbourne for a 32 hour adventure with my best friend, there will be hardly any sleep, lots of shopping, yummy (but naughty) food, lots of laughter and talking for hours on end. h I can not wait!

So next week this is how I plan to spend my week...
Gym- straight after work. Work out plan
Stretches/Foam Roller
Blog post

Stretches/Foam Roller
Gym- Personal training
Blog post

*If I work*
Stretches/Foam Roller
Meal Cook up
Social Life

*If I don't work*
Stretches/Foam Roller
Meal Cook Up
Social Life

Stretches/Foam Roller
Blog post
Social life
*Cheat meal day*

I think the key to my life and to achieving my goals is to be organised, to not socialise as much, to not eat out as much, to educate myself on how to achieve a health lifestyle.
I am going to have to keep my life in check, to reflect on things and change things when they aren't working for me. 
I have at become stubborn & headstrong in a good way with myself focused on achieving my goals.

*Sorry for the long post, that most likely doesn't really make sense. At the moment I find that the only way for me to blog is to just let my fingers type, letting my mind express the thoughts that are going through it, instead of letting things bottle up and bug me.
This blog is now a way for me to express things that are going on in my life, so that one day I can look back and see how far I have come, to see that trials that I have come through and to see how much stronger I am.*

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Opportunities, Being Sexy & Living Life...

This is the best award's speech that I have ever heard.
And he is so right with all three points!
Take 5 mins to watch this video,
It is worth it!
Ashton Kutcher... Nice work!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wish List...

Over the past few weeks my wish list has been growing.
But restraining myself because in 8 days I am off to Melbourne, hello factory outlet shopping!!!
My theme to this wish list is gym!

So here is what has made my wish list lately...

I have recently begun to fall in love with these types of tops.
Even though I would most likely not wear just a tank top to the gym,
I still love the look of them and the sayings.

 I love a good hoodie! 
The are so comfortable to wear to the gym on the way to and from.
Especially because I work out of an evening.
Love these items!
I have been hunting for a headband that would suit me, 
Something that isn't thick, but that will stay in place while I work out.
I love these tights,
I am the type of person to wear black tights, but I love the pop of colour.
And the workout towel!
Perfect for the gym so that you remember what side to put face down, 
Plus it has a pocket for your stuff!
Oh if only I could find the perfect drink bottle!
One that I can put my money and card into,
Plus keeps a record of have much i have had,
Plus filters my water and has a CamelBak top on it.

So there you have it. 
A couple of my favourite things that have made my wish list lately.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bumps In The Road...

The journey to achieve a goal is never easy,
There are road blocks, traffic lights, pot holes, and speed bumps.
Some of these things I see coming, but most of the have a habit of coming out of no where.
They catch me off guard, and sometimes they take the wind right out of me.

For me my biggest trial in my weight loss journey so far hasn't been my injuries, though they are currently coming in second place.
The biggest trial for me has been myself. My own head, my own heart.
In a way I need to learn how to train my brain,
I need to stop the negitive thoughts,
To stop being a "Worst Case Scenario Girl
I need to learn to believe in myself again.
To believe that I am worth becoming my better self.
I need to believe that I am a great future install for me,
That I deserve the very best that life has to offer me,
That I deserve to be happy.

One thing that I have a habit of doing when I don't wish to deal with something I try to put it out of my mind.
Kind of like putting it into a box and bury it in sand, out of sight, out of mind.
Once in a while someone will uncover the box by a little bit.
But very really are they fully uncovered.
Most of the time the box is covered back over with sand, to be dealt with another day.

But there is one friend of mine that has the annoying habit of uncovering the whole box, opening, pulling the contain out and putting it on display, going "ok, now time to deal with it, wether you are ready or not"
He does this with out knowing in a way the effect that he has, but they are things that need to be dealt with so that I am able to grow, to change and become the better person.
And to achieve my goal of weight loss, to become fit and to maintain my achievement once I have reached the goal.

This road is going to be long, there are going to be good days, and there are going to be bad, there will be lots of sweat and tears.
But at the end of the journey, every single step will be worth it.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Beginning Of A Long Road...

On the 2nd of April this year, I begun a journey.
My journey being one weight loss, becoming healthy, to changing my life, to become confident and to learn to love myself.

Over the past four months I have come to realise how so much more difficult this is going to be.
There will be good days and bad days.
There will be days with I am strong, motivated, positive.
Then there will be days when I will break, the tears will fall, my spirit will break, when the road will feel like it's too long, and I will doubt if I can do this.

This journey will not be easy, far from it.
This journey is more than just loosing weight,
It is about over coming old demons,
Addressing my past, moving on, moving forward,
Developing and learning
Creating the person that I wish to become.

There will be days that I feel like I have come so far, that progress is being made.
But there will be, and have been, days that I feel like I have taken 50 steps back.
I will be fighting a up hill battle, not only have I got my body and mind to fight, to change, to improve.
But I also have injuries that cause set backs, as I have experienced over the past two months.
I need to pace myself, work hard to strengthen my body, but be careful not to push myself too hard, too early.

This journey is going to test all areas of my life,
It is already teaching me to be patient, that things that are worth having don't come over night, they take a lot of hard works.

I have been so blessed to have meet my awesome trainer Beau, he is the best trainer that I have ever had.
He makes the world of difference in this journey, but more about he another time.

To be honest, I wasn't going to blog about this subject, I guess because I was ashamed about it, I was ashamed about what I have let myself become.
But there are so many thoughts, and feelings that I need to and will continue to need to express through out this journey, and this blog is my place to do this.
I don't care if no one reads this blog any more, but if there are people out there that are reading this post then please if you have any advice, suggestions, recipes, know of any awesome bloggers or websites the please share, I am interested in every since things!
I am also sorry that I have been pretty quiet this year, but I promise that this will improve.

I know that I am not the best writer, but hopefully I can improve over the next few months as I begin to blog more about my journey and my life.