Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Moving Life Around...

Over the past week we have moved into a new apartment.
And we have fallen head over heels with this place!
It is super close to Chris's work, 
And with me now working from home it is making life simple and easy.

It is awesome to have our own space back again.
Over the past 12 months we have been living with Chris's mother.
While it was a huge blessing with the events that occurred over the past year,
It has been hard not having our own place.
Not being able to unpack all our belongings,
And a few other challenges along the way.
But that is now a thing of the past and we now get to enjoy our own place again.

We got the keys a week before we moved the large furniture.
Which was awesome because we were able to move car loads into the apartment each day.
The first thing that we did was to move and unpack all the kitchen items.
Because they had been packed up for the last 12 months, 
We wanted to go through everything, throw away things we no longer wanted/needed,
Plus we then washed and deep cleaned every since thing.
Then we went ahead and organised the kitchen the way that we wanted to.

The reason that I loved that we did that first,
Was because we knew unpacking things would take a while, 
Mainly due to the fact that we are buying new furniture, but will be a few weeks til we get them.
So we are currently living in a house of boxes, 
But we are still able to function
Our kitchen is fully functioning,
Our clothes are unpacked,
Our bathroom was also already set up before moving in,
And Chris set up the TV and lounge the day we moved it.

The apartment is a work in progress,
But we love it and can't wait to see it all completed once we have fully unpacked!