Monday, May 24, 2010

Melbourne Work Trip

So at the moment i am in Melbourne for work for three day, now your first thought might be why am I blogging when i should be out exploring the city and having fun, well that was my plan until i got sick.
Woke up on Saturday with a croaky voice, no big deal i thought, that is until i woke up on sunday morning with a cold, great flying out to Sydney and i got this stupid cold, fantastic... NOT!
Thinking positive, thinking all i needed was a good night sleep and to keep my fluids up and i would be fine, Hotel bed AWESOME! sooo comfy and warm, who wouldn't have an awesome sleep and woke up refreshed and health... ME
By the time i woke up this morning i knew that i was a goner, eating breakfast was harder then it should have been, who knew that eating and breathing at the same time could be so hard!
So before work, dropped into a 7/11 to grab some cold fighting items, head into work with the postive thinking that all would be great and i would start to feel better.

This is how i have spent my evening....
Dinner at 6pm
In Bed by half past 6
Watch a bit of tellie,
Lights out by 7pm,
Feel even worse by 8pm, can't sleep due to headache and not able to breath through my nose... all up feeling like DEATH WARMED UP...YUCK!
So 8:15pm on the phone to reception to find out where the local chemist is.... Just down the road PERFECT.

So begins another mission for cold/flu fighting mission....
Heads down the road to the chemist and miss it by 2 min! Stupid chemist! But lo and behold across the road an IGA thank goodness, that will do until tomorrow when i can get to a chemist for some stronger drug!

The end product of my mission, and yes that is toilet paper cause i ran out of tissues :( Fingers crossed that this works and I'll feel better tomorrow.

BTW here is what my hotel room looks like....

I have a spa and awesome bath products, i also get a dressing grown and slippers and mints left on my bed when they turn it down!!!

An awesome hotel, bedroom and bathroom are the best! Gotta love that MBF look after their staff and never like to put them up in a hotel with less the 4 and 1/2 stars.
Love it!

Good night!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little bit of shopping...

Working in a shopping centre is pretty good except for when the shops have SALES! such as Target, Best and less, etc...

So Little Miss has a few more outfits....

My favourite outfit is the last one, the Bonds outfit, it's so cute!

Can't wait to see Little Miss in her cute outfits once she is born, Ang and Cookie will hardly have to buy any clothing the way i'm going :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Room....Updated

So my lovely sister has requested to see what my room is looking like since i got my new shelf that dad so kindly built for me, so this is what my room is currently looking like....

So there you go, that is what my room is looking like at this current moment... Happy Jaci? What do you think sis?

Next on the agenda for my room is to find someone really tall to put up my Glow in the Dark stars onto the celling, i have always wanted to have glow in the dark stars but never had. So i decided that i would at this house seeing as i am going to be here for at least a year.

Also i have another wish for my dear darling father, i would love a new side table but to make it into a side table/ book shelf, as i have already kinda run out of room on my big one. Plus i also would love a shelf like thing to put next to my desk between the desk and my large book case, and i was thinking of putting baskets into it to make it into like a draw thingy.

Any way, it's still a work in progress and will update you when the next change or addition comes along.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


You are the best mother a girl could ask for. You taught me so much of what I am.
You are such an amazing example to me, you have help me become who I am today and you help me strive for who i want to be in my life.
She is my best friend, my rock. She's always there for me no matter what time of the day.
She's always there to talk to, to give me a hug or a shoulder to cry on, she listens to me rant and let's me get it out of my system and then offers advise to try and help.

Thank you for being you mum! Thank you for everything you have ever done for me.

I love you more then you'll ever know!

Mormon Messages

About a four months ago I started to watch the Mormon messages on YouTube. They are encouraging and uplifting videos full of hope.

There is a video about an amazing lady who survived a plane crash along with her husband, there is a story of a survivor of the 911 attacks, there are so many great videos.

So I thought that I would share with your a couple of my favourite ones...

FIrst video: Create- Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Second Video: Infinite Power of Hope- Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I hope you enjoyed them as much i as did.

Create- Elder Dieter f. Uchtdorf

Mormon Messages

Infinite Power of Hope- Elder Dieter f. Uchtdorf

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Burn Baby Burn!!

Oh how i love a good bonfire! Tonight me and Elle headed down to the read's residence for Chris's 19th Birthday bonfire.

So we departed our freezing cold home, we've run out of firewood again so our room has turned back into a freezer, sure we have heaters but they just don't do as good as a job as the fireplace does.
So we headed down to the Read's home which is a little road trip down to Kaoota.
The bonfire was HUGE!

Highlights of the bonfire.... boys throwing deodorant cans in to the fire, roasting marshmallows on extremely long sticks, people playing up trees and in nets, sparklers, and playing Olan in the middle with Ness and Elle and myself.

Overall: A great evening!

Books, book, and more books...

Books, love them but i have a bit of catching up to do.....

The top photo is books yet to read and the bottom photo, yes they are more books that i am yet to read but they are also a series, 10 books to the series, read three about five years ago, but wish to re-read them and finish reading the others.
So the new books case that my dad so kindly built me (post coming soon), the book case is full, and as you see i have plenty to keep me busy, but of course i have a wish list of books to wish to buy... i wonder how long i can resist for?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Could not resist....

So with a little niece on the way, i couldn't resist but start buying things for the little baby, ok so i resisted for like a week and then i saw some cute outfits and i was a goner and it wasn't even 12 week mark yet, oops

So here are a few of the things that i have purchased so far....

Present for bub and two for my sis....

The goodies which were in the bag.... just a couple of things :)

Cookie monster outfit for Cookie's little monster (cookie is my brother in law)

I have purchased a few other items and have my eyes on a couple of other things (aka previous post). I have a feeling this little girl is going to being kinda spoilt but this auntie!

Visitors coming to Tassie...

In about 3 and a half weeks these two gorgeous people are going to be in good old Tassie for a short holiday. These two people just happen to be my beautiful sister Jaci and the Handsome Mr Sam!

Can't wait to see them as it has been a while since we got to hang out, actually since this photo was taken, when was their wedding back in September last year, and well that is too long for my liking to have not seen each other. I am currently in negotiations with them to move to Tassie while they are trying to convince me that Brisbane is the way to go.

I miss and love you both heaps and can't wait to see you! Safe trip!!!

Fun with the little people...

There are two people (soon to be three) that i love more then anything in this world, every time I see them they bring a smile to my face.

My niece and nephew are awesome! Seeing them grow up over the past 5 and a half years has been amazing and continues to amaze and surprise me all the time (plus makes me feel a tad bit old)

There is one thing that does suck, and that is them living 2 hours away, sure that doesn't sound long but when you have a full time job and no car it makes it harder to see them as often as i would like. So i just have to be patient and when til they come down for a visit and make the most of the time that i have with them.

So about two months ago they came down with their parents (my brother and sister in law). My brother had asked Mum and Dad to baby sit them while they went out to see a concert. Now i have never baby sat my niece and nephew so this was my closest chance so i went out to mum and dad's to visit them and ended up entertaining them and baby sitting them for the evening while mum and dad were doing other things in the house.

So this is what we did....

Camp out in the living room, two single bed mattresses with heaps of pillows, doonas and a teddy each, along with a pop corn cup each.

Putting Dad's awesome tv to good use. Movie of the night- The Polar Express. This was my first time watching this movie and i really liked it!

All up it was an awesome movie night followed by me putting both of them to bed, then headed off home. Loved *half* babysitting the kids, hope i can do it more often in the future, i love it!

Also about a month ago i was in target with Mum and we found these awesome suitcases for kids. Now i have wanted to buy the kids one of these each for YEARS, but could never find the right ones or they just weren't old enough. So when i saw these i couldn't pass them up, plus they were on sale too!!!

They each also got a packet of tissues, tooth brush, tooth paste, and activities book.
So now when they come to visit they can pack their suit case and come to Hobart!

Their excitement when i gave the suitcase to them was priceless, oh how I'm head over heels for these little people!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Letters...

Dear Bed,
Oh how i love your new sheets, flannelette sheets in winter is so comfy and cozy! plus combined with flannelette PJ's and cozy bed socks... well now it's just 5,000 times hard to get out of bed in the morning for work!

Dear MBF Members,
Some of you are such sweet hearts, you make my job enjoyable!
P.S. thank you for the flowers and pressie you have given me over the pass year!

Dear Jaci and Sam,
Can't wait for you to come down on holiday later this month so that i can hang out with you both!!!

Dear Foot/Ankle,
I see that you have paid no attention to my last letter, and instead decided to get worse.... i have just one thing to say to you....I HATE YOU!... ok i got that off my chest now, so can you PLEASE just get better already!

Dear Little Niece,
I get to met you in less the 16 weeks and i can't wait! You are going to be one little spoilt girl! I haven't even met you yet but i love you already!

Dear Work Pile,
I really wish that you would just magically do yourself! You seem to be a never ending pile at the moment!

Dear Smores,
You were really good tonight! Home made Smores are the BEST!!

Dear Mum,
Happy Birthday and Mother's Day for this sunday! Your such an awesome and amazing person!
Thank you for being the best mother a girl could as for!
Love you HEAPS!

Dear Dad,
Thanks heaps for my awesome huge bookcase, and nice progress on the Family home renovations... btw... when you have a spare moment, can i get you to build me a little book case/ side table :) Thanks!


In less then 16 weeks, I am going to be an Auntie again to a gorgeous little girl! And to my sister's delight i'm going already spoiling her! Just think how bad i'm going to be when she's born!
Oh well the way my sister sees it is that they have big things to buy like the pram and car seat etc, so their more then happy for me to buy things for the little girl.

So i was just glancing over Etsy tonight and i found some gorgeous items!....

I can not wait to meet the Little Miss!
16 weeks and counting!

Wood fire + Biscuits + Chocolate + Mashmellows = SMORES!!!

For the Last two nights we have finally had our fire place going, oooooohh man....

So to make the most of our awesome WARM & COZY fire place, me and Elle decided to make home made Smores! Oh how YUMMY they were!!!

Love of the moment!

So I have a new "Love"...

Let me introduce to you the Fijifilm Instax Camera....

It's sooooo CUTE! i want one!!!

So i hoped on to good old Ebay to check out just how much one of these babies would set me back, and umm, yeah not too badly priced but that one i think i will save for, but i'm sure it will be work the wait!

Photos thanks to...Holly & Elsie