Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Letters....

Dear Brisbane,
It is good to be back! I am loving the warmer weather! 10 Degrees hotter than Tasmania! Love it!

Dear Personal Trainer,
Thanks for missing me while I was on holidays, so sweet of you... But you really didn't have to give me the present last night of a killer training session that you have been planning for the past two years. Thank you really shouldn't have.

Dear Back,
We were getting along so long, now we are back to not speaking terms. Stop being mean!

Dear New Macbook pro,
I love you, I am seriously a Apple girl for life! Now all I need is a iPad and an iMac to top it off and I will be one happy Apple girl!!

Dear Dessert,
You were meant to be yummy... But nope you definitely were not, I'm going to put it down to the recipe... not my cooking... serves me right, I am meant to being good at the moment, eat health not eating desserts.

Dear Pinterest,
Thank you for providing inspiration for recipes, craft projects and gifts. Yes I may be a tad bit addicted to Pinterest but heck, I see it as a good and beneficial addiction.

Dear Blog,
I am glad to be back blogging, it's not the easiest coming back, I find that I am struggling with inspiration but I am working on solving that problem... but if anyone has any suggestions on how to get inspiration for blogging that would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Readers,
I hope that you are all having a great week so far! HAPPY HUMP DAY! Bring on the weekend!!

Life Lately...

Life over that past few months...
With the exeption of my trip to Tasmania, which I will up date you with in separate post.

 Gym life, being a good girl,
Loving my new gym shoes and bag!
Have the best personal trainer.
Will update you more about this topic later on...
 My very first AFL game.
Had awesome corporate seats, with great views
Looking forward to going to see another game in the future.
 Love my Polaroid photos!
Starting to use my Polaroid camera more recently.
Got some of my instagram photos printed up as well!
 My biggest frustration over the couple of months
One injury after another, 
Finally had my back in a good way, then hurt my wrist, then my ankle.
Then I got one month injury free and now it looks like my back has decided to flare up again 
(Oh how I hate my body!)
 Being creative,
Love sending fun things in the mail to friends!
 Reading, Love these books.
Such powerful words, so inspiring!
 Delicious food!
So yummy!
Random photos...
Flower I sent to a member at work... made the wife cry (good tears) and the husband was so happy, he kiss my hand lol.
Got to see and listen to Elder Oaks in person... one word... AMAZING!!!
Cool little stool that me and my sister found on the side of the road, going to do it up and use it as a side table.

I promise that I will try to keep you more up to date in the future.
I will also over the next few days update you on my trip to Tasmania, and my new gym habit.

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Girl Can Dream...

Every girls dreams of this day...
Here are a sneak peak of my one day someday special day...
When they sent out the wedding invitations they asked everyone to RSVP with a piece of fabric, then they used each piece to create a quilt.

I have a love for polaroids!
This is my type of guest book!

My love for scrabble continues!

Each of the bridesmaid give the bride their favourite love stories with a note inside.

I love the look of books and pages as decorations.

Continuing with the book pages, to hold rose petals.

Favours for people to take home, love this idea!

If you would like to check out other ideas, come join me on Pinterest
Or check out previous 'A Girl Can Dream' posts.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bitter Sweet

At the moment I am currently on Holidays in Tasmania- My home state. 
For those of you new to my blog, I move from Hobart, Tasmania to Brisbane, Queensland last year in September. This trip home has been my first trip back since moving.
I have been here for just over two weeks. And this is my last 24 hours in the state before heading back to Brisbane.

The trip has been great, I have loved being able to catch up with all my family and friends down here. I have really realised how much I have missed Tasmania, it is a gorgeous place and has so many people here that I love and care about. 

It has hit me today just how much I have missed it, and right now I am currently in a bitter sweet mood about it all. 
I missing being around my parents and family, and friends here in Tasmania, and I also miss the gorgeous state that it is, if I could I would live in the country- it is so beautiful!
But I love my where I work in Brisbane, I have an awesome team. I love the gym I go to and I have a awesome personal trainer! I also love the new places to discovers up there. Plus I get to be closer to my sisters which I love. 
If only those two places could combine I would be extremely happy!

Moving to a new place hasn't been easy, a couple of months ago my anxiety and pain attacks came back at full strength and catch me off guard, normally I am good at watching the signs and catching it early enough to do something about them, but this time they got a bit out of control. 
I have also found it hard opening up to people and making new friends. I have always kind of struggled with this, I have always been a shy person, but moving state has just made me realise just hard hard I have found this to be.

Definitely a bitter sweet end to my holidays, it will be interesting to see where I end up over the next few months with work and life, in August it will be all up in the air a bit... it scares me but I am putting my trust in the Lord and the plan that he has install for me.