Monday, April 17, 2017

#100dayproject -What I am doing?

I first learned of the 100 Day Project on Instagram. The challenge is where you pick a creative thing to do for 100 days. It can be anything from stamping, lettering, knitting etc.
For my first year, I decided to send out 100 pieces of snail mail. I love receiving letters in the mail, it's exciting to receive anything that is not a bill or junk mail.

So far I am 14 days into the challenge and it has so far taught me that I really need to use my supplies!!! Especially my washi tape! It is getting to the point that I can not use some of them. Which is frustrating.

If you would like to see and follow on with my process follow me on Instagram- jess__cole (double underscore) & it's never too late to start the project yourself just pick a thing to do then go for it. Post your updates to Instagram with the hashtag #100dayproject

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Husband Made Me A Geek...

Before I meet my husband, Chris, I had never seen star wars, I had seen the first few Marvel movies but wasn't "Deep" into knowing about the comics or their back stories or how they are all linked together.

Well other that change....

My husband now has me hooked on all kinds of geeky things... Star wars, Marvel, Pokemon.
It still amazes me to this day. But I actually surprisingly enjoy it. It's something that we both love and do together. We love our movies and tv shows so it's nice that we both get into it together.
But I will never get into the scary horror type movies, nope no way his on his own, I draw the line there!

So with saying that I am HUGELY excited about the new teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. And plus fellow Australia Chris Hemsworth is hot, you can't deny that one!

So enjoy...

P.s. my favourite line is from Thor: "YES..... We know each other, his a friend from work!"