Friday, May 24, 2013

Broken and disconnected...

hello blogging world...

First of all let me just apologize for not blogging much this year. But I have semi good reasons...

Reason number 1:
I have moved house and only have the Internet via my phone (which is limited to not much!) as we haven't got the Internet connect yet... Hopefully soon!

Reason number 2:
Broke  computer... So at the moment I am holiday(Yay!) and I decided today to take the time to write some big catch up blog post plus be organized and do some pre-written blog post... But half way through this process... Ok more like 5 mins into this process... My trackpad on my Mac laptop stopped working!! Now I can't use it at all.

But I have missed blogging and really really want to start to blog again so in the mean time while I am getting fixed and reconnect, I will be posting my blog post via my Blogger iPhone app... (Never use it before hopefully it works well, and my posts don't look too bad!)

But the main this is... I AM BACK!!!
Miss you all, hopefully there are still some readers out there somewhere! Say hi if you are still there! 

(*photo via WeHeartIt)