Monday, February 27, 2017

Song of the Week....

This week I picked a song that is on one of my Spotify playlists when I just need to kinda of zone out. When I just need to accept the hard time that I am going through.
But that it's a moment in my life, it may seem like a long moment, but I can survive it, I can get through it I just need to be strong, to push through it.
At the moment, yes I have more bad days than good, but that will slowly change to being more good than bad.
Oh, I do LOVE Delta's new album. So strong and powerful.

My favourite lyrics from the song....
How did it all get so heavy
I used to stand up so tall
There's only so much I can carry
Before I fall
And they tell me "girl you're so lucky"
"You've got the world in your hands"
But you know the world gets so heavy
You don't understand
And that's heavy

So I hope you enjoy this week's song.

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