Monday, April 17, 2017

#100dayproject -What I am doing?

I first learned of the 100 Day Project on Instagram. The challenge is where you pick a creative thing to do for 100 days. It can be anything from stamping, lettering, knitting etc.
For my first year, I decided to send out 100 pieces of snail mail. I love receiving letters in the mail, it's exciting to receive anything that is not a bill or junk mail.

So far I am 14 days into the challenge and it has so far taught me that I really need to use my supplies!!! Especially my washi tape! It is getting to the point that I can not use some of them. Which is frustrating.

If you would like to see and follow on with my process follow me on Instagram- jess__cole (double underscore) & it's never too late to start the project yourself just pick a thing to do then go for it. Post your updates to Instagram with the hashtag #100dayproject

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